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The Journey of Eternal Family My parents introduced me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are members of the church before I was born. I grew up with the principles and gospel of the church. We used to attend church classes and meetings as we sat together in the sacrament hall and enjoy each other’s company. Our entire family was active in the church, my mother served as a counselor in the Relief Society organization while my father was the counselor at the Elders Quorum. We were very happy. Sunday has been always the best day of the week for us and we always look forward to it. We were excited to see our friends, perform our church duties and most of all learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and gain a testimony.…show more content…
It is when my first niece from my brother Mark was born on January 4, two days before my birthday. She was premature and just 7 months old and suffered from a disease called Sepsis. The mother and little child were released from the hospital because we have not enough money to keep them in. She was blessed in the church until one night, the entire family panicked because the poor baby can’t breathe. My mom asked me to give her a blessing and it was my very first time to practice my priesthood. My tears pour out as I gently hold the tiny thin body of the poor little girl. When I opened my eyes after I blessed her I was her smile. I hold her tight and I received an inspiration that she’s not going to last longer. Immediately after my blessing, she was rushed to the hospital. My mom asked help from the church, but our bishop refused to help us, and worst even our own relatives denied help. Until my mom and my brother finally able to get help from the government, but it is not enough to sustain the life of the poor little angel until she passed away in February of 2006. From that event, we learned the value of being prepared, of humility and most of all of being faithful regardless of any circumstances. It awakens my soul and give me the courage to lead my family and moved to the next
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