Argumentative Essay About Nutrition

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Zeena: I need to lose weight fast! I am going to Spain to see an old friend of mine and she is super fit. I need to lose at least twenty pounds before the summer starts. Vicita: Oh, Zeena! That should not be your reason to lose weight. You should do it improve your health. Zeena: Well, this is my motivation. As a nutritionist, do you know any diets I can follow? Vicita: Last year, when I tried to lose weight, I followed the Atkins diet and it definitely did work. I think I lost about fifteen pounds in the first two weeks of following the diet. Zeena: Fifteen pounds! And just in two weeks! What did you do? Tell me all about it. Vicita: This is actually a popular diet. There is even a website that list certain steps and plans you can…show more content…
Before you decide, you need to be aware that it can be somewhat costly. Obviously, when you are eating fats, chose those found in nuts and fish and avoid saturated and trans fats. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be pricey, especially if you to buy organic ones, which are not necessary for this diet. When it comes to meat, it is best if you get the least processed ones that will fit your budget. You might end up spending about the same money on groceries as you normally do. Zeena: Okay. I think the money I save from not buy my regular carbohydrate rich snacks, I can use it to invest on purchasing high quality mean. Money is not a problem, but time might be. Vicita: This diet does not require that much effort. You do not have to worry about tracking your caloric intake. You just have to make sure you avoid carbohydrates. Though, you might end up spending more time preparing your meals since readymade ones or instant ones are high in carbohydrates. When you go out to eat, chose meals rich in proteins and fats. You can always check the Atkins website. They have recipes and sells snack to make your life easier. Zeena: So, basically, I am just avoid carbs for my entire life. Are you sure that will not cause problems in the long

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