TML Drivelines Limited Case Study

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Introduction/ Case TML Drivelines Limited is predominantly in the business of manufacturing Axles & Transmissions for Commercial Vehicles. In the year 2000, the erstwhile Axle & Transmissions manufacturing divisions of Tata Motors, were spun off as 100% subsidiaries HVAL & HVTL respectively. The key intent of incorporation was to give specialist focus on development and supplies of Axles and Transmissions for Tata Motors, while Tata Motors concentrated on Vehicle Design, Integration & Marketing. In the year 2011-12, the Boards of the two Companies decided to amalgamate HVTL into HVAL to harness synergies and graduate the two entities as a Total Driveline Solutions Provider. HVTL was accordingly amalgamated with HVAL and HVAL was then renamed as TML Drivelines Limited in…show more content…
• Giving negative feedback with demotivating results leads to minimum productivity of employees (i.e 52%) whereas minimum number of employees would be indifferent towards it. • Giving a neutral feedback with motivating results leads to average productivity of employees (i.e 44%) whereas only a few lead to low productivity with demotivating results (i.e 16%) Q7- Options No. of Responses Superior 13 Peer 1 Subordinate 1 Self Appraisal 5 Consultant 3 All of the above 21 Superior + Peer 6 Interpretation- From the above pie chart we conclude that the maximum employees (i.e 26%) want to get the appraisal through superior, self appraisal, consultant. Whereas none of them want to get it done from their peers and subordinates Q8- Options No. of Responses Yes

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