Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief

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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief is about a teenage boy named Percy Jackson who discovers that he is a demigod (half mortal and half god) and has been accused of stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt. Percy is taken to Camp Half Blood to be kept safe from danger and to train, but while at camp Hades captures Percy’s mom and demands that he give him the lightning bolt in exchange for his mother. Percy sets out on a journey to get his mother back from the underworld and to prove his innocence to Zeus. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief follows all the steps of the hero’s journey. The Lightning Thief includes the ordinary world and the call to adventure. In the ordinary world Percy has dyslexia and ADHD and lives with his mom and his disgusting step dad. The hero faces a problem in the ordinary world and Percy’s problem is his dyslexia and ADHD. The hero also doesn’t live with their parents in the ordinary world and Percy has never met his father but he lives with his mother and step dad, Gabe. Furthermore, the call to adventure happens at camp half blood when…show more content…
Percy crosses the threshold when he leaves camp half blood into danger. Percy has been in the real world before, but it’s not the same from when he was last there so it’s as if he is entering a world he has never been to. Before in the real world Percy wasn’t aware that he was important, but now he has entered a world where he is. Percy’s allies are Annabeth and Grover, and he faces three big tests to get to the underworld. Annabeth, daughter of Athena, has been training her whole life and has never been able to put her skills to test in the real world. Grover was Percy’s best friend in the ordinary world but is now his protector. He encounters his tests at a museum, medusas layer, and a casino in Las Vegas. Percy and his friends are successful in passing each test which lead to heir final

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