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Heroes Extent In the world of Greek mythology, Percy Jackson, from “The Lightning Thief” and Ulysses from The Adventures of Ulysses, are considered heroes. In “The Lightning Thief”, Percy Jackson must rescue his mother from Tartarus in exchange of the lightning bolt that he stole. Percy Jackson and his friends journey to get Persephone’s three pearls for their plan to immediately leave Tartarus. Whilst Greek tactician Ulysses has just finished the Trojan War and had angered Poseidon by to his judgment, stealing his naiads. Ulysses is drifted off course and sails through many monsters and obstacles that prevent Ulysses from returning home. Both have many similar characteristics and encounters that make them heroes because of their unwillingness choice to begin their journey, their…show more content…
In “The Lightning Thief”, Percy Jackson is born unknowingly with special water powers from his father Poseidon, which prepares him for his journey. After the death of his mother from the minotaur, Hades later appears in a camp bonfire announcing that his mother is not dead, but merely a prisoner in Tartarus and will exchange for Zeus’ lightning bolt that he supposedly stole. He unwillingly does not want to begin the journey, but does the right to save his mother. In The Adventure of Ulysses, Poseidon says, “...Is this their gratitude, trying to steal my naiads away from me? I’ll teach them manners” (9). This sets the journey by Poseidon drifting Ulysses off course to sail into a madness of trouble and persists to go back home to Ithaca to save his kingdom and his family, even if it takes him a lifetime to get there. Furthermore, these heroes must begin an unwilling journey to do the right for saving loved ones. Percy Jackson is trying to save his mother from Tartarus whilst Ulysses is persevering to get back home to save his kingdom and

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