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Percy’s meeting with Aunt Em [Medusa] made him think about staying with her and gave him a doubt with his mission and this represents the Woman as Temptress. As Aunt Em said, “Do not be a pawn of the Olympians, my dear. You would be better off as a statue. Less pain,. Less pain.” This lines made him think about being the Gods way of hurting one another. The temptation in this part of the story was the urge to stay with Medusa because of her persuading, lull-like voice that tells him to abandon his mission and just be her statue. With the help of Grover and Annabeth, they managed to behead Medusa. Percy proved that even if he know that he is being used by the Gods, it is important for him to rescue his mother from Hades. Another Temptress was…show more content…
The first one is Mrs. Dodds, she was Percy’s math teacher but later on as the story progressed she became an evil fury who wanted to harm Percy. She disguised himself as a teacher and not only wanted to harm percy one time but two times. The first one was on the museum and the other one is when they were on a bus. The other one is the Minotaur because he was believed to be the one who killed Percy’s mother but later on as the truth unfolds Percy’s mother didn’t die after all. He harmed Grover and he was sent by Hades to kill Percy because they find out he was Poseidon’s son. Another one is Medusa because she tried to turn Percy into a statue. Then Echidna and Chimera because they also tried to kill Percy when they were in The Arch and Percy jumped off the water to save himself from them. The next one is Crusty because he tried to kill Annabeth and Grover by stretching them in the bed but Percy rescued them and tricked Crusty instead. Another one is Ares because he was the one who told Luke to steal the lightning bolt so that the gods will fight with each other. There is also Kronos because he really was the one who wanted to steal the lightning bolt but he persuaded Ares and Luke that’s why a huge conflict was created in the story. The last one is Luke because he was the one who stole the lightning bolt and he is the reason why Percy was wanted to be killed by the gods…show more content…
He made the Gods and Goddesses more modern and relatable and less gory for the readers, especially because his book is intended to be read by kids. His fresh way to introduce the ancient Gods and Goddesses had help students and readers to understand the Ancient mythology. His writing is intended to catch the modern kids attention that is why it is written in a light and funny way. You will enjoy the book and learn from it at the same time. The adaptation is really good because even if you do not want to read classical mythology books such as Illiad by Homer and Aenid by Virgil you will have a legit background knowledge about the Gods and Goddesses of

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