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What would you do if your stepdad was a jerk and you never had any real friends? Well, that is exactly what happened to Percy Jackson. Percy, a dyslexic with ADHD, is sent to a special school. There he meets Grover who becomes Percy’s new friend. Grover takes Percy to Camp Half-Blood, a training camp for demi-gods. At camp he also meets Annabeth. Together they go on a quest to save the world. This book is an action packed, mythological fantasy created by Rick Riordan for those of you who love mythology and excitement. At first Rick Riordan wanted to be a guitar player at North Texas State College but then he got transferred to University of Texas at Austin. ("Welcome to the Online World of Rick Riordan!”). Here he graduated with a double major in English and history which started his student teaching career in the San Antonio teaching District. ("Welcome to the Online World of Rick Riordan!”). Riordan’s son, Haley, loved mythology so Rick decided to write him a bedtime story. (“Rick Riordan's Biography |”). The story was published and it became Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. (“Rick Riordan's Biography |”). While living in California Riordan longed for his hometown in Texas which led him to write a novel called Big Red Tequila. ("Rick Riordan”). This…show more content…
So now back to the book. Well, I like how Riordan uses imagery and personification. "The pit yawned so wide and it was so completely black, I knew it must be bottomless" (Riordan 193). Percy has just fallen asleep and in his dream he is standing right in front of a gaping hole but, there is a mysterious voice inside the pit which you’ll find out who it is later in the book. Another thing I liked is that the book is full of humor for example, "Annabeth, I'm sorry about the toilets. [Percy] Whatever. [Annabeth]." (Riordan 93). In this quote Percy has just blown up the toilets in the girl’s bathroom and Annabeth is not happy about

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