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Percy Jackson is a demigod, hidden in plain site as a simple boy, but truly capable of feats no one would expect of him. He is son of the Greek God of the sea, Poseidon, best friends with a satyr, has the ability to control water, and above all, he is immensely courageous. It’s easy to see why a teenager would be attracted to the book series, Percy Jackson & The Olympians by Rick Riordan. The main character, Percy, amongst others at Camp Half-Blood, is an adolescent going through changes just like any normal kid would, except with the obvious additional complications that being half-human, half-god would include. He wasn’t necessarily mischievous, but trouble seemed to find him everywhere he went. This struck interest in my younger self…show more content…
Like he says, “Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.” First of all, Percy had spent most of his life so far trying to fit in socially as a “normal” kid and then, to add to his problems, he had to discover what exactly being a demigod entailed. Being a “late-blooming” teen (and I still think I’m a step behind everyone on maturation), this was something that resonated with me. I wasn’t duking it out with Ares, god of war, searching for Zeus’ lightning bolt, or slaying Medusa, but I was struggling to compete in areas of my life such as athletics and romantic endeavours against kids who matured earlier than I. Despite my frustrations against something I couldn’t possibly advance, I looked to features of myself that transcended any physicalities. Much how Percy discovered that his weaknesses (dyslexia and attention deficit disorder) were actually indications of the great power he had as a demigod, I embraced humor, creativity, and intelligence and regularly reminded myself that these characteristics surpassed physical attractions and capabilities. Furthermore, I understood that I could exhibit the positive mental attributes that came with maturity before the physical ones

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