The Curious Lives Of Human Cadavers, By Mary Roach

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Today cadavers are being used worldwide for a greater purpose in science. They are particularly used in colleges as learning tools for medical students. In Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, the author Mary Roach discusses the different experiments and procedures that are done using cadavers. Roach recognizes the benefits of cadavers in science and how they are utilized in several fields. However, certain actions can be described as immoral when a cadaver is involved. Ironically, an individual that contributes his or her body to science really does not know the intention for his or her remains. Individuals should participate in the effort of making the progression of science more effective by donating their bodies, even though some cadavers go through…show more content…
Cadavers make a difference in the world by creating more experienced professionals in a variety of fields, giving them the opportunity to receive extensive understanding before working with individuals in our society. Cadavers are an essential tool in the scientific world. They are used in almost every field. However, the bigger issue is whether people still feel comfortable donating their bodies to science. There are experiments conducted with cadavers that could be considered unethical. Certain religious beliefs vary in standards on the moral ways to dispose of human remains. However, family members do represent their loved ones if they decide to contribute their remains, but they are unaware of the experiments that will be performed on the body, which might be exasperating. Although a consent form must be signed by family members, they should also be aware of where the body will be transferred and the

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