Rick Riordon's The Lightning Thief

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It is an interesting thing when we are watching a movie that Superman fights with monsters. Superman is an idol of children and teenagers who beat the monsters to protect people. Most kids want to be like superman, because he fights with the monsters. There is a teenage, Percy Jackson, who doesn’t like that he has amazing power to fight with monsters. Percy Jackson who is the protagonist in the novel “The Lightning Thief”, which was written by Rick Riordon. This story is between human and Greek gods. It talks about a teenager who has unusual power from his father who is the one of the top three Greek gods. He has a quest that is to find and return the lightning bolt to Zeus to stop World War III. Percy faces the monsters when he was…show more content…
They appeared again and again and try to stop Percy. Once Percy told Annabeth how he feels very proud about himself that he always thinks he killed Minotaur. Annabeth doesn't think that is something to flaunt. Annabeth said”Monster do not die, but they can be killed. They don’t have soul like you and me. You can dispel them for a while, maybe even for a whole lifetime if you’re lucky. But they are primal forces. Eventually, they’re reform life. ” (Riordon #86) These monsters do not die,they only can be killed. In our life the “monsters” are the troubles and problems, and they show up anywhere, anytime. They are same with the “monsters”, they never die , they only can be solved, and they will appeared. They kind like our bad partners in our life, they live with…show more content…
We have the some similar attributes with the story. The “monsters” that Percy face are the same as troubles and problems in our business and our life. Everyone is tired and hates the troubles and problems, they always show those troubles mess our life and give us a hard time. But we learn some skills or experiences when we are solving problems. Annabeth tells Percy, they try to live and be saved to learn how to fight with monsters, she is saying “Don’t talk like that!” Annabeth told Percy. ”You know how many kids at this camp wish they’d had your chance?” “To fight the Minotaur! What do you think we train for?” (Ridoraon #86) These monsters never die, they only can be killed, and the half-blood kids are train to fight with monsters to improve themselves for survival. The same is true with us. We need to fight with our "monsters" to learn skills and grow up like Percy. That means we need to face to our personal problems and troubles. We learn from how to solve the troubles and earn our living. Troubles and monsters are two different kinds of things as we know. One is the relevant to our lives and we face them all the time. The other is the image from the movies and books, but they have same properties. That is they never die and stop, and they always cause problems when they appear. The troubles is our tests in our live. If we said “Failure is the mother of success ” , then trouble

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