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The Lightning Thief is the first book in Percy Jackson & The Olympians series; it goes within the genre fiction and fantasy. The author of the book is Rick Riordan. Riordan was born June 5, 1964. During his childhood he was fascinated my Greek mythology and fictional books. During college, Riordan worked three years as the music director at a summer camp called Camp Capers. That is where he got the idea about Camp Half-blood, which you will read about later in this book report. Rick Riordan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a double major in English and history. Riordan started getting interested in writing own books, and he published his first book (Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief from the Percy Jackson & The Olympians…show more content…
Mostly because Percy was a considerable troublemaker. However, since Percy’s “accidents” at every school had been caused by his abilities, he never knew how to stop. Percy is a part of a race called “demigods”. They are the children of a Greek god and a human. Ancient Greek myths say that the gods (Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Apollo, etc..) would descend to the human world, and fall in love. The product of these relationships, were demigods, in addition they would inherit a few of the gods’ powers, abilities and characteristics. Percy was the son of Poseidon, master of the seas, which would explain why he nearly drowned a classmate in 6th grade, without being in the water. However, reading the book, we learn that Percy far beyond a regular powerful demigod. Percy is a brave and spirited natural leader. He is willing to risk his life to save friends, family, strangers, and at a few occasions even enemies. Jackson has a sarcastic and smart sense of humour and a laid-back demeanour. Nevertheless, Percy has earned the respect of all the Greek gods, who are known for their lack of…show more content…
A satyr is an ancient Greek myth of a breed between humans and goats. They are the protectors and guides for the demigods. Grover was assigned by the Satyr Council to first find Annabeth, Thalia and Luke and bring them back to a safe haven. When he fails to bring all of them to safety, he sees himself as a failure, and the council does to. Grover went many years without any missions, and the burden grew heavy on him. However, after so many years the council saw him as the industrious satyr he really was, and sent him to watch over a potential powerful demigod, Percy Jackson. Throughout the book Grover’s characteristics and qualities come forward; He is an outstanding friend, willing to do anything to protect them, although he is a bit of a coward; always doubting decision. Still he would follow friends into the most hazardous situations. He has a strong bond with Percy Jackson, which also makes him a trusting devotee. He is usually upbeat, cheerful and is often

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