The Role Of Infallibility In The Magisterium Of The Catholic Church

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The Catholic Church, being the only Church to never change its teachings and traditions since the religion began, naturally needs an authority that declares the true teachings of the Church. Without an authority like the one mentioned, there would be a large amount of confusion about many different topics. As the years go on, and there are medical advancements and cultural changes, there must be some type of rock, or foundation, that remains the same and can address these advances and changes. This teaching authority of the Catholic Church is called the Magisterium. The Magisterium of the Catholic Church consists of the Pope and bishops. It is a means that God gave us to definitively know the truth. On matters consisting of the advancement…show more content…
Before answering this question, I must correctly define infallibility. In general, infallibility is the inability to be wrong. Infallibility in the Catholic sense is a gift from God that clarifies issues of morals and faith. The Holy Spirit protects the Magisterium from teaching anything that is incorrect. To be infallible in the Church means to be free from error in teachings that pertain to faith and morals. In saying that the Magisterium is infallible, means that it is correct in every statement that it makes. What if the Magisterium is not infallible? If this were the case, how would anyone know the truth of anything? People would be so confused on many, many subjects and because of this confusion people would probably be sinning without even knowing they are doing so. Anyone could have their own opinion on many different topics that should not be debated, such as how many gospels there should be. Some people could claim that by the Magisterium stating that they are infallible in some areas could be them just trying to rob the public of their own opinion. This, however, is completely false as the Catholic Church would never do such a…show more content…
Infallibility is an extremely important aspect of Catholicism. It is extremely important and needed. If the statements that the Magisterium made could never be definitely true then who would believe them? It only makes sense to believe that the Magisterium is infallible. Faith is a big component of Catholicism and without the Church being infallible, it requires that much more faith in thoroughly believing the teachings of the Church. Infallibility is needed and is essential to Catholicism. It creates the difference between Catholicism and other religions like Gnosticism and Arianism. The main difference between Catholicism and the latter two religions is that while Catholicism remains constant with its teachings, Gnosticism and Arianism change what the Church clearly states is unchangeable. “In order for the Church to be indefectible it is necessary that those preaching and teaching the faith on the highest authoritative level be not mistaken about what pertains essentially to revelation. According to Catholic belief, as defined at Vatican I and reaffirmed at Vatican II, the supreme Magisterium, in its definitive teaching about matters of faith and morals, is divinely protected against error.” (Dulles

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