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Title of Novel: Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. Type of Novel: The type of genre my novel is Urban Fantasy Author: The author of my novel is Rick Riordan Copyright Date: the copyright date of my novel is 2005 Number of Pages: My novel has 375 pages. Introductory Setting: The introductory setting for Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief was Percy was in New York at a private boarding school for troubled kids called Yancy Academy. Percy is telling us at first that being a demigod is very hard and challenging, and if you think you are one do not read this book. Synopsis: Percy starts off at Yancy high a school for troubled boys with his best friend Grover. Percy goes on a field trip with his math teacher and class and is attacked by Mrs. Dobbs the math teacher that is a fury. Percy is kicked out of Yancy high school and is sent to his mother were they decide to go camping at a lake that they…show more content…
Medusa was a beautiful woman who was depicted as one of the gods but, when medusa told Athena that the Greek goddess wasn’t as beautiful as her Athena put a horrible curse on her. Medusa is also the meanest of the three gorgon sisters she has serpents for hair and any person that looks in her eyes turns to stone. Annabeth sees medusa and Annabeth is tempted to look in her eyes as soon as she is about to look Percy rams her with a truck and cuts off her head and uses the head as a tool to turn enemies to stone like the hydra. Episode: A scene in my novel that appealed to me was when Percy, Grover, and his mother got in to a car accident caused by the Minotaur. This beast is half bull and half man summoned by Hades to bring Percy to the underworld. The monster grabs Percy’s mom and crushes her into dust then Percy’s rage takes over and kills the beast. This shows that willpower can achieve so much. This also shows that rage and sadness can be used as a tool as

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