The Lightning Thief Analysis

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2.5 Apotheosis Percy almost died by the hand of Echidna - the mother of all monsters and her "son", a chimera. He jumped into the Mississippi River to save himself, which symbolized him passing through the world, and being cleansed. In the Mississippi, he experienced a brief moment of peace when the water Nymph talked to him and advised him how to get help. 2.6 The Ultimate Boon Percy find the lightning bolt when he goes to meet Hades (because of the thought Hades was the culprit that took the bolt), and he realizes that he was tricked by Ares, who cleverly hid the bolt in the backpack he gave to Percy. III. Return 3.1 Refusal of the Return Percy does not necessarily agree to stay in Paradise, but he wants to stay in the Underworld so that…show more content…
3.6 Freedom to Live Freely Percy gets his mom back after Hades finds out that he did not steal the helm of darkness, and is now able to live freely with his mom, without to worry about a war against the Gods. The Archetypes “The Lightning Thief” by: Rick Riordan 1. Hero Percy Jackson, being the central figure, served as the hero in the story. Knowing that he is the main character who portrays admirable qualities, he could also be considered as a hero-typed of heroes. Percy is a son of a God specifically Poseidon, the god of the sea. He went on an epic quest which is to save her mother and find the lightning bolt which will clear his name as the lightning thief. 2. Shadows There are a lot of characters who could be considered as the shadows--- villains, enemies and enemy within. These shadows include: Nancy Bobofit- Percy’s bully classmate in Yancy Academy; Clarisse- the daughter of Ares who really dislike Percy; Gabe Ugliano- Percy’s stepfather who only knows nothing aside from asking money, drinking beer and playing poker games; and Ares- the god of war who wants to raise a battle between the three gods (Zeus, Poseidon and

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