Patient Safety Essay

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From what we have discussed about patient safety, we can say that the field of healthcare is a complex and complicated process even if healthcare providers exert great effort to control and manage the diagnosis and care of patients (Yee, 2012). These patients are the center of the healthcare delivery process, so caregivers must ensure that their safeties are the top priority. Caregivers, on the other hand, should also consider themselves as part of the care “system,” because they will be implementing guidelines and safety measures to ensure that care provision will be free from errors and adversities. Risks are just around, but there are instances when caregivers fail to see or anticipate them within the workplace setting, and these problems…show more content…
We can consider these as flaws in our professionalism, which could affect patient relationship over time. As caregivers, being the subject of complaint may lower our morale, but this gives us the chance to explain the reasons behind our actions. We must understand, however, that miscommunication is normal in healthcare. There are some clinicians who are not effective communicators, because their skills are limited, causing misunderstanding where they are often perceived as insensitive about patient feelings. In this regard, we must communicate effectively with our patients by using appropriate language and making sure that our explanations can be comprehended based on the literacy and cognitive level of the patient. Understanding the culture of patients is also necessary to effectively incorporate their belief systems into their own thinking. It helps minimize bias that may interfere with our ability to explain, communicate and assess patient needs effectively. This will also prevent miscommunications and enhance patient-provider relationship, improving patient safety in the long run. Ineffective patient-provider communication is common, but they should be dealt with properly through stepwise

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