Soccer Is The Hardest Sport Essay

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How can a simple sport of kicking the ball be so complicated? Well, you see, soccer is more than just kicking the ball. In fact, there are a lot of situations which people don’t quite comprehend. These situations include the different free kicks awarded for fouls, the idea of handling the ball. Let’s not forget the idea of offside, which tends to be the most difficult aspect of soccer to understand. The game of soccer is much more complicated than it appears because there are many situations people just don’t understand. For example, in soccer, just like pretty much every other sport, there are fouls which occur and the referees need to properly call them. Fouls result in a series of free kicks determined by the referee. These free kicks could…show more content…
People tend to say the player touched the ball with his hand, so therefore they call it a hand ball. In reality, the true name for this play is handling the ball, not hand ball. For referees, calling the handling of the ball tends to be difficult because they must decide whether the player deliberately handled the ball or was it accidental. A player handles the ball deliberately when he or she uses any part of their arm to settle or control the ball. The arm must be moving intentionally towards the ball and be up away from the body. If the arms are down by the side and aren’t moving towards the ball than the player won’t necessarily be called for handling the ball. If a player on the defending team handles the ball deliberately inside the penalty box, then a direct free kick also known as a penalty kick, might be awarded to the attacking team. If the player handled the ball deliberately inside the box and stopped a clear goal scoring opportunity, a penalty kick might be awarded, as well as a red card to the player that handled the ball. Handling the ball is a judgement call based on what the referees see, so they can’t always make the correct call one hundred percent of the

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