Restrain Practice

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The safety for both staff and patients in treatment environment that considered most widely debatable issue in our hospital, so the using of restrain, is an important issue because of it concern on fundamental moral and ethical question for using this procedure. So there was a variety different arguments have been puts according this issue. This essay will considered arguments for many points to some problem with this view. According to the case, a 79 female client with dementia has a chronic indwelling catheter, attempts to remove the catheter and begin straight catheterization every shift were met by the patient becoming combative with staff, the patient repeated episodes of pulling catheter because of lack of decision making capacity to…show more content…
The use of physical restrain is a complex legal, ethical and clinical issue, that need carful and special considerations, The American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA, 2007) supports sustains to reduction use of restrain and advocate for continue research to support evidence based practice for preventing and management of behavior emergency. Furthermore, the American Nurse Association (ANA, 2001) supports to reducing restrain in health care setting, also uphold the patient autonomy and dignity. The restrain practice can be achieved by strategies which recognize relevant ethical, legal, evidence-based practice that focused on alternative solution to restrain. So the nurse struggle to balance between protects patients’ right of freedom with their obligation and their obligation to prevent harm of patients. The purpose of this literature review is to identify the legal and ethical issue about using of physical restrain among patients with mental…show more content…
The current author was supports the decrease of of restrain technique among inpatients psychiatric setting further more that used to manage the aggressive behavior against self and/or others. So the physical restrain should be eliminated in different setting, because of an effect in human autonomy and dignity, the physical restrain required an policy and ethical principle to support discourage of use it in different situations. And the restrain should not be used as first line procedure to minimize violent behavior, shall be used as last resort to manage any aggressive

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