Indian Boarding School The Runaways Analysis

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Jane Austen stated in her highly popular book, Pride and Prejudice, “There is, I believe, in every disposition a tendency to some particular evil, a natural defect, which not even the best education can overcome. And your defect is a propensity to hate everybody. And yours, he replied with a smile, is willfully to misunderstand them.” Not everyone sees eye to eye when it comes to people's differences, but that doesn't mean that they should be discriminated against because of their differences. Those differences may be religion, ethnicity, or even traditional culture. The three works, "Man to Send Rain Clouds", "Indian Boarding School: The Runaways" and the documentary Reel Injun, presented several motifs. In each, there was an underlying current of conflict regarding the misunderstanding between cultures. In the story, "Man to Send Rain Clouds" (Leslie Marmon), the Catholic priest wanted to have a modern burial for Old Tiofilo but, the Native Americans had already decided on a traditional native burial. Leon and his brother-in-law, find Tiofilo under a cottonwood tree. They tie a small grey feather in his hair, paint his wrinkled face…show more content…
But, they overcame it by the creation of the movie, "Smoke Signals", where a son suffers his father's alcoholism, abandonment, and violence as a child. The story tells of how a modern Indian really lives and, how they really are no different than any other person. All people have their challenges and conflicts. In this story, a boy named Victor struggles to understand why his father, Arnold, abandoned him and moved to Arizona. When Victor receives news that his father has passed away, Victor and another boy named Thomas, who is saved one day by Victor's father in a fire set when alcohol clouded Arnold's mind. The two set out on a journey where there once differences, lead to an eternal

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