Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Project

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Description My practicum site is Family Resource Network, which offers services and support to families. They have been open since 1985 and started out as the Children’s Resource Network but the name changed in 2000 when a new director came in and realized that they offered more than just services to children. The goal of Family Resource Network is to assist families in reaching their goals, enabling growth, education, and personal success (Family Resource Network, 2015). Their mission is to provide the best quality care, education, and programs for children and families: and to serve the community where we live and work (Family Resource Network, 2015). Family Resource Network offers a large variety of services to the community, along with working to place children from ages 0 to 18 in permanent homes if they are not able to go back to their biological family (Family Resource Network, 2015). The services that are offered in addition to foster care and adoption services are therapy, home studies, family preservation, supervised parenting time, classes that include first aid and CPR, parenting classes,…show more content…
On the inside though the waiting area is small but very cozy and they have a very open concept office where you can see the little rooms that are used to do the play therapy and other types of therapies with the families and their children. There are little sitting areas throughout the office that can be utilized while family members are in with the therapist or other professional, each one being very cozy with a couch or a chair that is not your typical office waiting room chair. The inside appearance is very warm and inviting, which makes you feel at ease as soon as you come through the

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