Parent Questionnaire Case Study

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Parent Questionnaire Answers Nadiv M Bangura 1 . Nadiv's high school experience has been both pleasurable and challenging not really painful. We have been challenged because We have to put in a lot of hours making sure that Nadiv's school work and grade is on track. Nadiv is a very smart kid, my feeling is he needs to put more effort to produce quality school work all the time. Nadiv is not consistent with this effort. We have tried explaining to him that this is very necessary at this stage of his educational pursuit. It has been pleasurable because Nadiv has come a long way since middle school when he was diagnosed with ADHD. He has progressed from being severely disorganized with his school work, to a level where he is coping…show more content…
When Nadiv was in the middle school, he was having difficulty with organization of his school work disorganized with his school work, he wasn't turning in his assignment. He would lose his homework, his papers would be scattered all over the place at home and in school. We got a lot of reports card that stated that Nadiv was socializing during class times. During this time , even though We were helping him, Nadiv's grade fluctuated a lot, he was diagnosed with ADD and we entered him into a learning and behavioral program. The program helped him with his learning skills and how to cope with his ADD challenges. Nadiv also started playing basketball which greatly helped him in keeping his stress level down. He has found a balance between his academic and athletics 3. Nadiv is a very quick learner, he loves math, science, computers, Spanish and sports. His greatest strength is that he learns very quickly and easily. Nadiv is very sociable person and he gets along with his peers very easily. Nadiv is very creative and team oriented in basketball and sports. Nadiv's shortcomings are that he does not spend time doing his best work, he just does enough to get him to a passing grade and he gets convenient with that. Nadiv does not plan properly ahead so that he does not get overwhelmed with assignments

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