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Assessment Task 1 Policies and procedures – Australian Hardware Staff Consultation 1. Purpose This document aims to deliver a clear framework within Australian Hardware for consultation of any essential matters that can affect employee behavior including health and safety concerns and determining those issues. It is important to differentiate between Consultation and communication for the purposes of this policy document where consultation is a process and communication is a method of delivery. The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act) also requires all employers to consult, as far as reasonably practicable, on matters which are likely to affect the physical and psychological health, safety or wellbeing of people within the…show more content…
Process Requirement Frequency of Consultation There is no specified frequency for consultation for any matters that impact employee behavior including working conditions, safety and wellbeing, work expectations, company policies and procedures. It may occur whenever it is necessary and whenever it is scheduled. Specific effort is required to ensure adequate consultation with those staff members who work in remote areas or away from the primary business address. Consultation must occur as early as possible, particularly when: • new methods, plant or substances are proposed • changes to existing work practices are proposed • new projects or work is planned Matters for Consultation Australian Hardware must consult with the following stakeholders when making any decision or changes that may affect their safety and wellbeing or employee behavior: • health and safety…show more content…
The person who the employee notified should then raise the issue with the other parties. All parties involved in the issue must make reasonable efforts to come to an effective and timely resolution of the matter. Consultative Committees Australian Hardware is committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of its people and ensuring safety is integral to how its people undertake their work. Australian Hardware actively supports the physical and psychological wellbeing of its people and promotes a healthy workplace by maintaining safe systems of work and ensuring the highest level of safety possible when taking steps to eliminate or reduce risk, incident, injury and illness. The company is committed to establishing and maintaining consultative forums that

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