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The Common Good Economy The movement that will make your economy thrive. The Economy for the common good is a movement about an economy that values on the needs of the entire population as in what a human needs to survive and to get them socially involved with a business . The movement wants businesses to have things that all people would need and . The movement started in Austria, where a group of entrepreneurs that wanted to change the economy from capitalism and communism into an economy that helps the needs of the common good (“Development and Achievements”). Today, there are more than 300 organizations across Europe and the Americas that use the common good balance sheet (“Theoretical Basis”). Join the economy for the common good to…show more content…
Economy for the common good can help all businesses, big or small become economically better and not knock one another off the market. The big businesses usually shut out the small businesses and then they can price things the way that they want but then not everyone could purchase something from that company (“Theoretical Basis”). The Economy for the common good is making it so that small businesses can thrive like the big businesses by having the common good balance sheet to show how that company helps the common good (“Theoretical Basis”). When they have this common good balance sheet people would look at it and sees that it is a good place to keep buying goods from and it will attract more people and it will become cost-effective (“Theoretical Basis”). Any business in the economy for the common good organization can thrive and also be able to help out the common good…show more content…
Some capitalists may say that capitalism is the best way to go when you get in the business economy and it works for them. That doesn’t help the common good since they can control what their prices are in the world where they sell their products and then the small businesses around them don’t succeed and the people who work there would lose their job or business (“Theoretical basis”). The economy for the common good can help that by giving the business a balance sheet where they are evaluated by it and they succeed by how they are able to help the common good out like to meet the needs that the people

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