Essay On Romantic Relationships

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EXAMINING INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP IN HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTES: CASE STUDY USIU-AFRICA DIPALI JAYESH PATEL UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY- AFRICA Contents ABSTRACT 3 INTRODUCTION 4 HYPOTHESIS 6 METHODOLOGY 7 Participants and Procedure: 7 Measures: 7 LITREATURE REVIEW 8 LIMITATIONS TO THE STUDY 12 REFERENCES: 13 ABSTRACT The purpose of this research is to examine what kind of traits university students are likely to desire in a romantic partner. Where general stereotypes suggest that men tend to lean towards physical traits where as women prefer psychological traits. In this paper we explore various physical and psychological traits that lead us to finding potential mates. We use both qualitative and quantitative…show more content…
For hundreds of years now, many researchers are interested in knowing what kind of traits males and females desire in their ideal romantic partner which helps us as psychologists to understand more about how we form interpersonal relationships. Much of the work done by researchers such as Buss & Barnes, 1986; Howard, Blumstein & Schwartz, 1987; Sprecher, Sullivan & Hatfield, 1994 and Regan & Berscheid, 1997 suggest that men and women generally have a preference for mates who are honest, emotionally stable and intelligent and who are also physically attractive and have an “interesting” personality. These kind of studies have been done for several years now since psychologists and social scientists have been interested in knowing more about interpersonal relationships since it is a human tendency to be dependent on someone and we innately crave affection and love from another person. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to be loved and have a sense of belonging and we want to find out what kind of choices and preferences do males and females consider when we are choosing a romantic
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