Vibrio Cholera Case Study

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12) K.Park(2007) According to water and sanitation programs, it is estimated that diarrohea is causing approximately 1.3 million deaths among under five children each year, mostly in developing countries. However, reported deaths are over 2, 87,000 attributable to diarroheal disease per year, India ranks first among countries contributing to this worldwide disease burden. India has only 11% of the rural population supplied by a household water connection.25 13) K.Park (2007) Cholera is also one among water borne diseases which causes death among under-five children. It is both epidemic and endemic caused by Vibrio Cholera mainly due to lack of environmental Sanitation, poor personal hygiene and contaminated water Supply. Worldwide 1, 31,943…show more content…
A total of 299 households were supplied with domestic water filtered and 307 households were left with usual tap water without a filter which increase GI infection and other water related diseases. The annual occurrence of GI illness was 0.76 among tap water drinkers compared with 0.50 among filtered drinkers. Study exhibits that the adequate of recent standards of drinking water quality to prevent water-borne endemic diseases such as gastrointestinal…show more content…
Sarkar (2013) conducted a cross-sectional observational study on personal hygiene among primary school children living slum of Kolkata, India. A total of 104 primary school children of a primary school situated in the slum area with the help of a pre-designed, pre-tested and structured questionnaire. Among the primary school children, the female students were more knowledgeable than the male students regarding the maintenance of personal hygiene. But, there was a more gap between practice and knowledge of personal hygiene among primary school children. Study suggests that the parents and school teachers should play a main responsible role in early education of children on personal

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