Cause Of Sibling Rivalry

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Lawson, D. W., & Mace, R. (2011), stated that the main issues for sibling rivalry and abuse are maladaptive parental behavior and dysfunctional family structures. They conducted research on several families with at least two siblings. It was a latitudinal study where there were around 125 families. They found out that approx. 83% of the adult population was raised with at least one sibling in the family; 53% of children of age 3-17 have committed acts of severe violence against their sibling. Ramamurti, P. V., & Devi, P. R. (2009), assessed sibling rivalry in 4 groups of 15 sibling dyads (aged 0–4 yrs). In an 8-week intervention, the mother involved the older child in taking care of the younger sibling. Results show an initial higher incidence…show more content…
W., & Meyer, B. B. (2008), examined the psychological factors associated with on-field competition against a sibling. They used semi-structured interviews, a sample of 10 athletes shared their experiences and perceptions about the similarities and differences between sibling and non-sibling rivalry. Eight participants indicated that competition against a sibling was different from competition against unrelated opponents. These variations manifested themselves in three subjects (i.e., affective responses to sibling rivalry, level of emotional involvement, sibling cooperation), and are discussed in connection with the scientific and applied literature in family dynamics and sport psychology. Chaudhuri, A. (2008), researched on the impact of sibling rivalry for resources on children's health by studying the effect of sibling composition and birth order. She conducted the research on children of age below ten years. Results indicate that siblings that face more competition far worse. Relaxing time, credit and information constraints alleviate sibling rivalry effects for boys. Additionally, sibling rivalry makes boys in less landed households but make girls in more landed households. Boys are not always better off than girls and presence of male siblings can negatively impact boys more than…show more content…
Many psychologists like Darwin, Freud, and Hamilton gave their relative theories and hypothesis on sibling rivalry and survival of one sibling. One study found that the age group 10 to 15 reported the highest amount of rivalry between siblings. A few steps to prevent/manage sibling rivalry can be taken only by the parents. They have to be quiet, calm and in charge, listen to both the siblings, make punishments private, treat children fairly — not equally

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