Outcome-Based Education Case Study

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On another study conducted by Caguimbal (2013), the benefits of Outcomes-Based Education are learners comprehend exactly what is expected from them as unit standards make it very clear what is necessitate from them, there is greater buy-in and support for it from all role players due to the extended level of consultation and stakeholder enhancement. Well-defined assessments standard make it clear to both assessors and learners how assessment will take place. Assessment is more objective and fair as a result of the pre ordain assessment standard, it elevates the obtainment of the specific skills and competencies in a country in which there are many lack of skills, it also fosters a better integration between education at school, workplace and…show more content…
The illustration of that is a student-centered learning system that concentrates on measuring student efficiency, a competencies that is adopted and develop by the students and how these performance become concrete and measureable to be use in the future. The professors must produce a new course syllabi (Taguim, 2013). Inside the course syllabi were the course description, cognitive skills communication skills, expected learning outcomes like knowledge and learning, practical or professional skills and study calendar. Recently, Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas recently implemented the curriculum Outcome-Based Education (OBE). It is an approach to education in which the decision making is encompassing all the experiences in learning that may have during their lives. It is also a nonstop development which can provide them a new meaning and direction. The objective of Education is to provide learning and literacy to improve the skills and abilities of every student to competent, and lead them with positive attitude and values (Borsoto,…show more content…
The university preserve competitive faculty members who compete together with their students. Students and faculty shows their appreciation to their university by bringing back an honor. LPU is the most awarded Hospitality School in the Philippines. Meanwhile, LPU-Dusit Thani Agreement, the leading hotel-brand in Thailand, the Dusit Thani Public Company Limited signed an agreement last December 2008 with LPU to offer Dusit Thani College’s popular curriculum in various programs of hospitality management at the four campuses of LPU. Under the first agreement, Dusit Thani College will give curricula design and academic resource materials for all programs that will be improved collaboratively by LPU and DTC. Delineating programs that would be improved took several workshops and consultation with various

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