Ellen Degeneres: The Journey Of Entrepreneurship

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‘I’m so grateful that I struggled’ words of Ellen DeGeneres born on January the 26th 1958, an entrepreneur who hosts her own talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has an online shop, has set up her own recording studio ElevenEleven, not only does she have many physical enterprises. Her most valuable, successful enterprise is her ability to spread positivity, motivation, inspiration and how she instils values such as equality, compassion kindness and honesty into society. Ellen is well known for her ability to spread happiness and love through her comedy and life experiences she shares with the world. (TheEllenShow 2012, 00:04:20) Although there are many definitions for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship many of the same key words, themes feature in every definition such as opportunity, mind-set, risk, create value, solving problems and ideas. ‘Someone who starts their own business, especially when it involves seeing an new opportunity’ Cambridge dictionary (2018)…show more content…
It involves commitment, a common myth is that the journey of entrepreneurship is straight forward, fairy tale like even, in reality this isn’t the cause. Many entrepreneurs go through a journey of many highs and lows and many failures. Ellen personally had to deal with her parents separation, dropping out of college, doing many small jobs such as painting, selling vacuums and being a court runner. In her early days Ellen did many stand-up comedy features in small coffee shops and clubs. Ellen’s commitment to her entrepreneur journey was rewarded with the opportunity to appear on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Ellen was the first comedienne on the show this was the beginning for Ellen and her career in comedy and spreading

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