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Over the past years, the roles of pharmacy profession have developed rapidly following the advanced healthcare system. Pharmacy education has been shifted towards a more clinical approach and patient-centred practice termed as pharmaceutical care.1 The concept of pharmaceutical care requires pharmacists to equipped with in-depth knowledge of drug therapy and support other health professionals in order to achieve the optimum outcomes 2. Along with this paradigm shift, the pharmacists today have taken on expanded roles in providing clinical pharmacy services to the patients with a specific disease state. According to the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS), (2016), there are eight specialized areas in pharmacy practice currently available which…show more content…
From other side of views, while pharmacists-to-be are expected to be updated on the current growing specialized areas in clinical pharmacy field focusing in pharmacotherapy, it was found that from the thorough reviews through SCOPUS, PubMed Central (PMC), Up To Date, Web of Science, and Google scholar online databases, there is still no studies and researches being conducted to assess Malaysia pharmacy students’ knowledge and perception pertaining cardiology pharmacy. Nevertheless, this initial finding does not rule out the vital needs of the pharmacy students who are the future pharmacy practitioners, to have the adequate knowledge and understanding of cardiology upon graduation. Hence, this pilot study is expected to explore the knowledge among the final and pre-final year pharmacy students in a Malaysian pharmacy school and provide preliminary data for further studies of cardiology pharmacy in

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