Classroom Climate Case Study

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For BEED students, academic performance is not significantly correlated to classroom climate. Classroom climate might not be the only factor contributing to their academic performance. Moreover, there might be other factors contributing to it like their personal persistence and perseverance to have academic achievement wherever they are or they can still attain academic success regardless of classroom climate. However for BSED students, academic performance is significantly correlated to classroom climate. To a certain extent, classroom climate had contributed to their academic performance. Teacher aspect, class activities and general classroom atmosphere can notably motivate them to attain academic success. Improved School Facilities The research of Pennsylvania State University answered the significance of school facilities in amending student outcomes in terms of acoustics/noise, air quality, lighting, temperature, and space. Based from the analysis, the right temperature range for efficient learning in reading and…show more content…
Geographic information systems were utilized to investigate the allocation of public school resources and the extent of disparity in education facilities among 75 Philippine provinces. Four clusters of the provinces were identified by applying spatial statistics and regionalization techniques to the public school data. The results of this study show that school building quality in the Philippines is affected by geography, climate and societal conditions. School buildings in the country’s eastern seaboard (which is exposed to the Pacific Ocean and prone to natural disasters) are poor, compared to the buildings in relatively safe areas (e.g. northern provinces which are protected by a mountain range). Decades of civil unrest have also resulted in deteriorated education facilities in southern provinces. (Ligaya Leah Figueroa et. al,

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