Essay On Geomancy And Vedic Architecture

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3.3. Geomancy and Vedic architecture Ancient cultures were very closely related to nature. While some cultures in passive and silent way were dealing with natural phenomena, other high cultures such as Chinese geomancy, were trying to reshape their cultural life and architectonic expression in harmonious ways. Geomancy means interpreting the visible and invisible dimensions of places and landscapes, so that a holistic understanding of their true essence can emerge in our consciousness. It is a kind of a mixture of imaginary, feeling qualities, symbolic images, sounds, movements. It is a synergic combination of ecology, art and spiritual approach to life. The main goal of geomancy is to improve relationships between people and their environment based on the concept of protection, education and sustainable…show more content…
Only a city that is free from pollution, noise and stress and which is designed as a holistic structure in harmony with natural law, where individual life is flowing with evolutionary stream of energy and intelligence is really sustainable. In these times, that we are living, there is a kind of isolation between man and nature. The results of this materialistic point of view in general can be seen with the destruction of environment. Cities are growing without any connection with the spirit of the place, new settlements and industrial area were placed without consideration for aesthetics or quality, the buildings are arbitrarily distributed within the space. Earth and land as spiritual beings remain ignored. Our world needs urgently a spiritual point of view, which connects again the man and the nature, which relates human culture with the power of the nature, which understands cities and landscapes as an organic unit and makes visible the aspect of

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