The National Crime Syndicate

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The National Crime Syndicate was also a major part of the Mafia. Essentially, it was a combination of many different groups of different ethnicities and from different areas that came together to make decisions on organized crime. The majority of the groups in the National Crime Syndicate were Italian and Jewish as were the leaders. Meyer Lansky of the Jewish Mafia and Lucky Luciano were considered the founders of the organization. Johnny Torrio was one of two elder statesmen and Costello, Nitti, Ricca, Joe Adonis and Guarino “Willie” Moretti were also major leaders of the Syndicate. The most common practice of members of the National Crime Syndicate was bootlegging and it made all of the men in top positions very wealthy and successful both…show more content…
This allowed the federal government to extend criminal penalties to entire criminal organizations. Because of this law the person who ordered a crime could now be punished even if they did not actually commit it. Also if one person in the family was convicted others could be convicted because they had some sort of relation with them (Reppetto 275). This was perhaps the most important piece of legislation passed to fight organized crime. “It took ten years to learn how to use it, but by the 1980’s, federal prosecutors were jailing mobsters wholesale” (Reppetto 275). The combination of all of these acts and interventions were a crackdown on the Mafia and helped lead to their…show more content…
The Mafia still exists but there are far less families and they are not involved with as many major crimes as in the mid 1900’s. They crimes they are involved include illegal money transfers and illegal business transactions. Most mob members today are also very successful businessmen, accountants, politicians and lawyers and use their ties to the Mafia to help them in their day job. Crimes like this are hard for the government to fight against because as long as their are ways to make money illegally Mafia men will find a way to do that and also find ways of evading the law (The Chicago Mafia). One thing that rarely happens in the Mafia anymore is violent murders. Partly because there is less reason to commit murders due to the waning following in the Mafia and also because now that the Mafia is not as much of a secret it is easier for the men to be caught for their crimes. Due to law enforcement acts in the late 1900’s and early 2000’s the Mafia had died out even more. Most crimes people hear about today are not organized by the Mafia. Agent McNamara from the FBI in Chicago said that “‘Over the years the Outfit has learned that killing people brings too much heat from law enforcement. Today they might not even beat up a businessman who doesn’t pay back a debt,’” (The Chicago Mafia). The one place most people do see the influences of the Mafia today is in

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