Correctional System Punish Offenders

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Think of our country no form of a corrections system. Picturing our nation without that structure would be a disaster, and it makes you appreciative of what we have. Our criminal justice system is our piece of the puzzle that provides structure, security and ultimately keeps us safe. The main goals of our criminal justice system are retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. With these goals in mind it is up to the judges to sentence the convicted criminals to a form of punishment or rehabilitation. For years there has been an endless debate about which method is more effective. How Does Our Correctional System Punish Offenders? One of the many roles the correctional system plays is that it is responsible for punishing…show more content…
The costs to keep a jail going keeps rising. So when Americans were asked if they believe that people who are arrested for using illegal substances should be sentenced to rehabilitation versus spending time in prison two thirds of American’s would rather see that based off a random telephone poll. “Punishment is the infliction of pain on a criminal, which only teaches them to inflict pain on others.”(Lim, 2014) Many different counties, cities, and states have created their own rehabilitation programs for adults and teens. There have been drastic improvements on the rehabilitation programs offered. Many offenders have successfully remained sober and have grown into better people. When people are released from prison there is a higher statistic that they will be placed back into the system, versus the offenders who went through the rehabilitation programs. According to Business Insider, “4 in 10 prisoners return to state prisons within three years of…show more content…
Rehabilitation has a lasting and long-term affect on offenders, since its targeted towards preventing future crime from happening. Also, rehabilitation can change the criminals’ behavior, way of thinking and aid them with getting adapted in to society by giving them an education or trade. By giving offenders an education or skill set, when they are released, the offenders have an easier time find jobs and it allows the offender to have a sense of existence in the community. When offenders use rehabilitation programs they can engage in therapy, such as drug therapy for those with substance abuse addictions, and for those that has been abused or are abusive could use the psychological counseling they have to offer. When offenders get involved with any rehabilitation program, their view on the criminal lifestyle are likely to change. They will no longer desire to commit a crime. Well that’s what we hope for at

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