How To Eradicate Organized Crime

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The first crime syndicates were similar to “Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men”, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. The groups were relatively small, had little power, and were comprised mainly of merchants and those of lower socio-economic status. They were predominately in Asia, Italy, and other foreign countries. Over time, the groups became organized, which enabled exponential growth. Syndicates spilled over into the U.S. As racketeering and corruption became more of a nuisance in the States the government started to notice. Law Enforcement efforts to restore law and suppress organized crime have proven unsuccessful. Despite continued efforts by Law Enforcement to eradicate organized crime in the United States, it is…show more content…
traces its roots to the Sicilian Mafia, which was founded in Sicily during the 1800’s (Italian Organized Crime). Originally the Sicilian Mafia was a group of resistance fighters. Their family and friends relied on them for protection, justice, and survival. Members of these groups were known as “Men of Honor” and they were well respected and even admired because of their dedication to others in need. They became an organized crime group in the 1920’s (Italian Organized Crime). It was around this same time that the U.S. began to be infiltrated by what became La Cosa Nostra or “our thing" better known as the American Mafia (Finckenauer). They were aided by the “thousands of Italian organized crime figures, mostly Sicilian Mafiosi” who came to the United States illegally (Italian Organized…show more content…
The syndicates have vast wealth and resources, corrupt government officials in their pocket, and it takes years to collect enough evidence to indict. Authorities tried for years to bring charges against Capone. The break in the case came when Authorities realized they could charge him with tax evasion. The federal treasury began gathering evidence against him for failure to pay income taxes (Italian Organized Crime). Capone was convicted on October 24, 1931 and sentenced to eleven years in prison (How). After convicting Capone, law enforcement officials began looking for similar evidence on other crime syndicates and corrupt

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