Descriptive Essay: An Analysis Of Budweiser Commercials

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Companies throughout the years have taken many different approaches to persuade people to buy their products through commercials. Famous people, such as athletes, actors, actresses, and models, are shown using the product in their lives. The producers of the commercials are using these well-known people to coax others that are sitting at home to buy the product because famous people use it. This Budweiser commercial is a story about a puppy who is friends with a Clydesdale. The puppy gets lost in a town and has to find his way back home. The lost puppy finds his home and is saved from a predator by his Clydesdale friends. This Budweiser commercial takes a different approach to convince their customers to buy their product; they are trying to…show more content…
These two men have never seen each other or heard of each other before but start up a conversation at the bar. As it becomes later and later into the night he guys become closer and closer. By the end of the night the Bob and Jerry think they know enough about each other to consider one another friends. A couple nights go by and Bob is at the gas station filling up his car with gas but forgot his wallet back home and his cell phone was out of battery to call anyone for help. Lucky enough for Bob, Jerry needed to get gas too. As Jerry pulled in the gas station he noticed Bob and pulled his vehicle up next to his. Bob explained what had happened and Jerry was kind enough to pay for both his and Bob’s gas. Without that night at the bars these two gentleman would never had known each other and Jerry would have had a major problem on his hands. Just like Bob and Jerry the puppy and horse became very good friends. One night the puppy was in a jam, staring in the eyes of an angry coyote and did not know what to do. The Clydesdale sensed that the puppy was in troubled and gathered all of the other Clydesdales to go help him save this poor little puppy. Without the friendship the dog had with the horses he never would have escaped from the coyote. Budweiser could be saying that by drinking their product you can gain friendships with someone you never thought was

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