Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Drugs

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he drug is a medicine or a substance involving habituations and addiction which cause toxic state taking long-term use. In addition, drug possesses powerful alleviation of pain and anesthesia effect. There are many different drug laws around the world. Both Jamaica and Portugal decriminalized the possession of any drug. On the other hand, Uruguay made the drug legal to grow, consume and sell the plant. Furthermore, the United States and Columbia allowed a portion of drugs for medical purposes. The argument whether to legalize drugs or not is a controversial and important issue in our society. Many people believe that drugs should be illegal. Likewise, they might think that legalizing drugs would an adverse effect on the society. Though many people believe drugs should be illicit, but the fact is that drugs should be legalized in order to benefit the society. It is clear that legalizing drug will contribute to the national economy, diminish the crime and respect individual’s right and liberty. This essay will go on to discuss these points in greater detail. First, legalizing drugs effectively help the government to have economic benefits. According to the report listed in the article “Pros and Cons of legalizing drugs in the UK”, legalizing the sale of…show more content…
According to the article “The pros and cons of legalizing drugs”, legalizing drugs would create stability and peace in drug-producing nations. Sir William Patey, the former UK ambassador to Afghanistan said that it was impossible to stop Afghan farmers from growing and exporting opium illegally, and concluded that “if we cannot deal effectively with supply” the only alternative is to legalizing the drugs. In addition, nowadays there is lots of international criminal syndicate related to drugs. If we legalize the drug, it will prevent and reduce the rate of unlawful act such stealing, drug trafficking, property crime, violence and aggression related to

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