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A prison riot is an act of concerted defiance or disorder by a group of prisoners. There have been many incidents as far as prison riots and they have been a big problem for many prisons. Prison riots have not received that much attention in the past years and that is a big problem. Some researchers believe that prison riots occur because of overcrowding and prison conditions. There have been many cases where inmates were killed, because of prison riots or even guards being killed. Featured in the article “Inmates Killed in Prison Riots,” on June 13, 1997, from Times Wire Reports, stated that a riot and a shootout between guards and prisoners at the maximum-security prison left at least four inmates dead and 24 wounded. The riot occurred…show more content…
I believe, there could be a variety of things that can stop the overcrowding in prisons, and one way is, to send fewer people to prison for drug crimes. As stated in “10 ways to stop overcrowding,” the problem for drug offenses is that there are 219,000 inmates in the federal prisons system, compared with 25,000. About half are there for drug offenses. If prosecutors and judges send 20 percent fewer drug offenders to prison, the federal government would save $1.29 billion and the prisons would save 125,000 beds a year. Another way to stop overcrowding is to make sure that people are not disproportionately punished for using crack instead of powder cocaine. The problem is that, the sentencing law, which was passed in the 1980s, dictated that, people caught dealing or possessing crack would go to prison for a longer time, then people caught with powder cocaine. To stop the overcrowding of inmates that are charged with possession of crack cocaine or powder cocaine, they should expand the number of rehabilitation programs that offer credits towards early release for those who participate. This could save 22,000 beds a year, and save $224 million

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