Organizational Citizenship Behavior Analysis

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The Organizational Citizenship Behavior has been usually used as a predictor of many variables especially involving in any workplace setting. Some of it is: Charismatic Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior by Zehir et al (2014) ,Organizational Citizenship Behavior and leadership and employee readiness by Lou and Liu (2014) ,regarding Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Ethical Leadership by Lu (2014). However, Organizational Citizenship Behavior may be one of the most truthful predictors of some of the variables stated above; however, there are not enough variables in what predicts Organizational Citizenship Behavior. In a commercial or office setting Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) is being used to size…show more content…
A study done by Edmond-Kiger, Connie; Tucker, Mary L.; Yost, Christine A (2006) regarding Emotional Intelligence in workplace, the results said that Emotional Intelligence has no connection of having a low GPA and EQ can be use to improve leadership skills.. A similar study was conducted about emotional intelligence and job skills by Liptak (2005) Emotional Intelligence seems to be an excellent framework to use in helping college students find a job and succeed in the workplace. At the same year, Oginska-Bulik (2005) conducted a similar study about Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Stress. The results confirmed an essential, but not very strong, role of emotional intelligence in perceiving occupational stress and preventing employees of human services from negative health…show more content…
Furthermore, Conscientiousness and Friendship Networks also possess a significant relationship. It is also said that Conscientiousness plays a role in relationship management and interpersonal justice. With having Conscientiousness having a link with aspects of Emotional Intelligence, having the two variable would be a good predictor of Organizational Citizenship Behavior. Instead of Proactive Behavior, specifying how Organizational Citizenship Behavior as the chosen variable would be a fit in an industrial setting over Proactive Behavior. Furthermore, Organizational Citizenship Behavior was said to have a relation with situational readiness and charismatic leadership. OCB as what was mentioned, was a mediator of leadership, what lacks is the connection of EI that will precede OCB to other variables. Since Emotional Intelligence has a link with Conscientiousness although two different variables altogether, would be the likely independent variables since the aim of the study is to know the predictive ability of Emotional Intelligence and Conscientiousness over Organizational Citizenship

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