The Importance Of Workplace Spirituality

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1. Introduction Workplace spirituality and employee engagement have been topics of interest for both academicians and practitioners for the past two decades. This increased attention has been a result of many factors such as emerging ethical concerns, enlightened leadership theories, emphasis on the higher order needs of the employee, employees’ quest for meaningful work, an attitudinal shift toward wholeness and empowerment etc. Workplace spirituality though initially seen as a passing fad is continuing to gain acceptance as topic to study in business schools as well as among practicing managers. In the beginning, spirituality had been traditionally seen as an aspect of one’s religious life. However, in its recent usage spirituality is…show more content…
Explaining spirituality-job satisfaction connection may begin with the assumption that a spiritual person will be generally satisfied with life and view things differently from a person who is not satisfied. This proposition posits that a person generally satisfied with life will be at satisfied at the job as well irrespective of the existence or absence of favourable work related outcomes (Walt and Klerk, 2014). Another theoretical connection is in relation to the need hierarchy theory of Maslow. According to this theory once lower level needs are met people strive to achieve the higher order needs. People will grow until they reach the highest level of needs hierarchy namely self-actualization. There are many similarities between values of self-actualizers of Abraham Maslow and the values of a spiritual being found in contemporary literature such as truth, justice, oneness, order etc. (Fernando, 2005). Many researchers have found positive association between spirituality and employee work attitudes including work satisfaction (Milliman et al., 2003; Crawford et al., 2009; De Klerk et al., 2006). A strong sense of community and organizational values at workplace enhances employee satisfaction and motivation (Millimanet al., 1999). It has also been proposed that organizations with some type of higher meaning have more motivated workforces (Peters and Waterman, 1982). Besides, Jacques (1996, 1998) suggested that employees are likely to achieve their full potential if their tasks are linked to their potential capability. In short, meaningful work also leads to job

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