Third Party Short Story

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“Third Party” by Jay McInerney is a short story about a lonely male named Alex who went to Paris for a getaway, because of his breakup with his ex-girlfriend Lydia. Because of his loneliness he takes himself into a bar, and at the bar he encounters two people, Tasha and Frederic who gives him company for a while. The story takes place in the city of love, Paris. Alex gives us detailed descriptions about the weather in Paris. It is march and it’s pouring – people in the city are hurrying because of the raindrops “The pedestrians and their umbrellas, hunched against the march precipitation, an alloy of drizzle and mist”. The settings atmosphere gives us an insight of how the Parisian people are only minding their own business because the weather…show more content…
Alex is the main character of the short story, we don’t get to know precisely his age, but he must be an all grown man with a well-paid job. He emerges to be a good looking guy, who doesn’t know where he is in this point of his life – he misses his ex-girlfriend Lydia, and now he is Paris without a companion “He was a generous tipper and, he reasoned, not a bad-looking guy”. He feels guilty and a victim because of his breakup with Lydia, but we also get to know that whenever he lost a woman he would begin smoking, which tell us that he has been dating a lot of women. He’s an art director of a boutique ad agency and lived on the “fringes” which means people who are not really acceptable to general society like the homeless teenagers, thieves or drug dealers – it could also be for instance people who neither attended school or work for living, which could be Alex’s situation. What we get to know about Alex is that he seems to be despondent and desolate because of the breakup, and of course lonely. The desperateness to find people for company illustrates when he straightaway gives Frederic and Tasha champagne to make them stay, also when he’s at the club with them when he felt that he deserved a reward from Tasha, and would do anything to get it even though Tasha “plays” with him “The look she gave him awoke him the mad lust of the dance floor, he was tired of being jerked around and yet his desire overwhelmed his pride. After all this he felt he deserved his reward and he realized he was willing to do almost anything to get it”. Tasha is a character of a seductive woman whose charms her men, and leads Alex into a dangerous situation, which is called a femme fatale. She’s is transparent, because even though Alex and her only had eye contact she immediately went up to him and
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