Hunger Problem In America Essay

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The Hunger Problem in America America is known to be the richest and fattest country in the world. This country is even considered to be producing large amount of food supply which make other countries have the belief that people in America are not suffering from hunger at all. However, the film A Place at the Table shows that fifty million people in the U.S. do not actually know where their next meal would come from. The directors of the film, Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush, examine the issue hunger in America by how three people struggled with food insecurity—Barbie, a single mother who lives in Philadelphia and who aslo grew up in poverty, tried her very best to provide her two kids with a better life; Rosie, a fifth-grader residing in Colorado who has trouble focusing on what her teacher discusses simply because she is hungry and although aware, she is too young to do something about it; and Tremonica, a…show more content…
However, people no longer have the access to sufficient and nutritious food because of food insecurity. When food and fuel prices immensely increased in 2007 and 2008, millions people suffered from food insecurity (Swan, Hadley, and Cichon, 2010). Food insecurity means that people suffering from such dilemma do not know where to get their next meal. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FA0) asserts an estimation that there were 850 million undernourished people in 2005 and such number increased to 963 million in 2008 (Swan, Hadley, and Cichon, 2010). People suffer from food insecurity because of poverty. And it is poverty which further causes hunger. According to Raphel (2014), it is not possible to discus hunger without poverty for these two goes hand in

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