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IS IT ORGANIC OR NOT? Since the food safety concerns of consumer increased over the years and the number of diseases caused by food increased, the organic food sector has emerged from this need by the organic farming and they are the most expensive items in the market. Everybody has an opinion about it; some information, some rumors, a little mystery! Here you may find some information to clear your mind... Organic farming is defined as the agricultural system in which no additive, chemical substance, drug, hormone and harmful fertilizers are used and the products are certified and controlled from the production until the end customer. Since we observe products everywhere with following expressions; natural product, village products,…show more content…
Organic farming n Turkey was initiated by the middle of the 1980s under the leadership of European agricultural companies with contracted agriculture. The production started with dried grape, dried fig, dried apricot and hazelnut and the products are produced to be exported. With Organic Farming Law put in force in December 03, 2004, the product range has been expanded and the production and exportation of following products started; nuts and dried fruits, frozen fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and legumes. In addition to these products, the production and exportation of rose water, rose oil, olive oil, cotton and textile products have been accelerated. How do we know if a product is organic or not? What is right and what is…show more content…
(Incorrect)3-Stained ad deformed fruits and vegetables are organic(Incorrect). 4-Organic tomatoes and cucumbers smell excellent. (Incorrect) (It is related to the type of the product. For example, pink tomato smells better than other type of tomatoes).5-Organic foods are more tasty. (Incorrect)(Organic foods are preferred since they are natural friendly, however, there is no difference in terms of taste with conventional food. )6-Organic egg does not smell (Correct)(Since fish oil and fish and meat meal are used during the conventional production, the eggs smell. )7-They do not contain additive material. (Correct)According to the Organic Farming Law and Regulation Numbered. 5263, organic products are not harmful to human health. These additives are prohibited or restricted by organic farming regulations. Hence, you may trust the characteristics of an "organic" product if you can observe the emblem of the Ministry and the institution bestowing the certificate. Consequently, the organic characteristic of a product may be verified by a valid and legitimate certificate with "organic farming" logo. Hence, you may trust the characteristics of an "organic" product if you can observe the emblem of the Ministry and the institution bestowing the

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