The Phosphorus Cycle

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The phosphorus cycle is a natural process of H2O runoff carrying nutrients into our water sources. The slow release of phosphorus ions during the phosphorus cycle has provided a balance of nutrients for many organisms. Since the industrialization of farming and urban development, an increase in human/animal waste and commercial fertilizers has been the result of nutrient pollution in our creeks, rivers, and oceans. The purpose of this paper is to address questions such as “most considerable impact on an individual,” “how might a person’s life change while reducing nutrient pollution,” and “the balance of personal choices with environmental consideration.” Addressing these questions will initiate a journey of understanding about personal challenges,…show more content…
Environmental responsibility is a shared reality among many individuals as we observe the effects from escalating phosphorus levels on marine life. Careful consideration and much research reveal that phosphates are in more than fertilizers. The periodic table element “P” for phosphorus is in cleaning detergents such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, coolants, pool cleaners, and more. Recognizing the breadth of these eco-unfriendly products is almost stifling when considering alternatives. Nevertheless, some solutions that don’t require an inconvenient change in lifestyle or great sacrifice to reduce environmental impacts. Phosphate free products are available. These eco-friendly products cover previous detergents mentioned and are available at retail outlets such as Amazon, Wal-mart, Home Depot, Lowes, and more. This individual will change purchase habits instead of lifestyle to reach a positive outcome. Ultimately, mixing balanced choices with environmental considerations produces positive results for all organisms after giving up phosphates for a regular phosphorous…show more content…
Within the past decade, an opportunity to maintain balanced choices while considering the environment have improved. Phosphate free laundry detergent and other products are a recent development in the history of consumerism. Free information encircles our lives, so issues related to our weakening environment are with us regularly. Manufacturers of phosphate instilled products are noticing the market for alternates. As an example, the accountable newsgroup known as The Guardian posted an article about chemical company Proctor & Gamble removing phosphates from their detergents. “Procter & Gamble has told the Guardian that it plans to eliminate phosphates from all of its laundry detergents, including Tide, within two years” (Gies, 2014). There is a turn in how businesses and individuals perceive our environment and the news about Procter & Gamble is big a win for everyone. Ultimately, the barrier of difficulty to balance personal choices while considering the environment is reducing quickly. In retrospect, our world is slowly recovering through discoveries in science and technology that heal an ailing ecosystem. This is foundational to our

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