Illegal Migration In Bangladesh

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Introduction Assam as one of the State of India was a prosperous land with its per capita income of 4% which was above the national average at the time of independence. But today Assam is one of the poorest States of the country with its per capita income less than 60% of the national average. A hoard of issues like natural calamities, industrial backwardness, insurgency, terrorism, mass poverty, ethnic tensions and clashes, terrorism, unemployment, serious financial crisis, geographical isolation and so on and so forth have resulted in such a situation. Further, a series of wars with neighbouring countries namely Indo - China in 1962, Indo - Pak war in 1965 and formation of Bangladesh in 1971 resulted in huge migration of refugees hindering…show more content…
It has been an established fact that large-scale illegal migration from Bangladesh has posed a threat to the security of India and the identity of the indigenous people of Assam is also at threat. This has been possible, only due to encouragement by some Political Parties of Assam, having vested Political interest of Vote banks to win elections. The issue of undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh has been an age-old, wretched and highly emotional subject for the ethnic Assamese population. High influx of people from Bangladesh through the porous border and their subsequent enrolment in the state’s electoral rolls often believed to be done clandestinely by political parties looking for easy vote banks has harmed their indigenous identity. Census figures showing an abnormal spurt in the state’s non-Assamese population in the period from 1971 till now has further heightened their concern. It has put tremendous pressure on land, creating socio-political and environmental problems that have indirect adverse effects on the economy. The immigrants hardly contribute to the government revenue while the government spends a substantial amount to maintain this significantly large fraction of the population. Further, the Modi government’s decision to grant asylum to Bangladeshi Hindu migrants in Assam is fomenting…show more content…
They come as cheap labour and take up jobs that the local people do not do easily. Even where the locals are ready to work, the employers prefer immigrants because they work for lower wages. The local people, therefore, perceive them as competitors. Thus we see that Assam has its root in the abnormal growth of population which is again not a natural growth but due to continuous influx of migrants that is putting tremendous pressure on land: man ratio. Competition for natural resources, economic opportunities and even cultural identity is the reason behind recurring economic, social and ethnic conflicts in the

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