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Myth and Homosexuality in Jeanette Winterson’s Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit Prof. Satyawan Suresh Mane Assistant Professor in Communication Skills Gharda Institute of Technology, Lavel, Ratnagiri Mumbai University, Maharashtra Abstract The term ‘Lesbian feminism’ is a cultural movement which was most influential in 1980’s era. Though it was a part of the concept ‘Feminism’, the effect of it was something unique in North American and Western Europe society. It was emerged due to the result of the dissatisfaction with ‘second wave feminism’. It advocated that lesbianism is the only form of emancipated sexuality since it excludes men and rejects patriarchy. Many of the thinkers and activists like Rita Mae Brown, Mary Daly, Barbara Smith fought…show more content…
She had served the English literature with her many of the famous works but her very first work ‘Oranges Are Not the only Fruit’ stands remarkable in this list. She was born in Manchester but was an adopted child of Constance and john William Winterson in 1960. She was influenced by Elim Pentecostal Church. Since her childhood, she began writing sermons at age six and believed herself a child of God. But as a dark part of her life, by the age of 16, she identified herself as a lesbian and left home. In 2015, she married psychotherapist Susie Obrach. ‘Oranges Are Not the only Fruit’ is the first work, a novel, by Jeanette Winterson. It was published in 1985. It was later adapted into British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) television drama that evoked a havoc in English society. The novel is a story of coming-of-age story of a lesbian girl named Jeanette. She grows up in an English Pentecostal community. The novel handles various major themes but use of Myths and focus on Homosexuality bring it into a special queue of study. The novel discusses themes like transition from youth to adulthood, homosexuality complex family relationship and…show more content…
The novel pictures the transition. From her childhood, Jeanette is an outcast and neglected child in school as she had a strong belief in God and her essays were nothing but the projects on biblical themes. She strongly advocates the homosexuality in a novel. Her mother herself is an example in front of her to present her views against patriarchal society. Her mother adopted Jeanette in a sexless manner. She had a different view and intention behind adopting Jeanette. Jeanette who believes in God and serves Him maintains the lesbian relationship. Milanie is Jeanette’s first love. Jeanette meets Melanie at a fish stand. Melanie is a compelling girl who works at a fish stall. Melanie is sweet and docile. Her simplicity attracts Jeanette. Melanie is not too smart so the once tells Jeanette that she got her name because her head resembled a melon. Melanie is presented in opposite to Jeanette’s character. Jeanette is a strong character but Melanie represents weak soul who refuses to follow her true love, desires unlike Jeanette. Melanie docility leads her to marry and have children. Jeanette frequently visits Melanie’s house for Bible study. As the two spend more time together, they start having a love affair. The feeling of homosexuality arises in the mind of Jeanette’s mind and is attracted towards

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