Gardia Garma Research Paper

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Far Eastern University ` Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation Regalado Avenue near Dahlia Street, West Fairview, Quezon City ANTHOCYANIN FROM GARCINIA MANGOSTANA AS PRIMARY STAIN FOR GRAM STAINING A Research Proposal Presented To The School Of Medical Laboratory Science Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation In Partial Fulfilment for the Requirements in Research 2 Adviento, Merylle Arthrine Amen, Maylonie Baradi, Roda Jane Bartolome, Miguel Elcid Bautista, Yvette Buce, Johanna Joy Gallardo, Prince Gerald Montarde, Princess Jhoanna Roque, Deanna Clarice Dr. Poly T. Chua-Chan, MD, MPH, MHA RESEARCH ADVISER MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH COMMITTEE FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY – NICANOR REYES MEDICAL FOUNDATION,…show more content…
These are highly influenced by pH, structure, temperature, light, oxygen, and other factors. It can undergo changes when affected by these factors. For example, change in the pH has an effect on color [7]. At a pH of somewhat 3 or lower, the anthocyanin provides a color of orange or red. As the pH increases at around 6-7, it forms a color of purplish-blue and almost colorless between pH 4 and 5. The structure of each anthocyanin has an effect on the color that is produced [8]. The hydroxyl group at C3 position that is often glycosylated, is very significant because it turns the color of anthocyanins from yellow-orange to red…show more content…
2013-present Secondary BATASAN HILLS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Batasan Hills, Quezon City S.Y. 2009-2013 Primary MELENCIO M. CASTELO Payatas A., Quezon City S.Y. 2001-2009 MIGUEL ELCID L. BARTOLOME Home Address: 24A Franc St. United North Fairview Homes Phase 8 , Quezon City E-mail Address: Contact number: +639065891412 PERSONAL INFORMATION Birthdate: May 6, 1997 Birthplace: Manila Age: 19 Nationality: Filipino Religion: Roman Catholic Civil Status: Single Mother: Marisol Lacson Father: Eric Bartolome EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Tertiary FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY-NICANOR REYES MEDICAL FOUNDATION Fairview, Quezon City S.Y. 2013-present Secondary OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEART COLLEGE OF GUIMBA S.Y. 2009-2013 Primary OUR LADY OF THE SACRED HEART COLLEGE OF GUIMBA S.Y. 2002-2009 JOHANNA JOY A. BUCE Home Address: 032 Everlasting St. Commonwealth Quezon City E-mail Address: Contact Number: +639058925852 PERSONAL INFORMATION Birthdate: 18 March, 1997 Birthplace: Quezon City Age: 20 Nationality:

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