Advantages And Disadvantages Of Uber

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Quentin Moilet, Midterm Essay, 20/10/2015 UBER ISSUES In San Francisco in 2010, was created a smartphone application that represents over $ 50 billion today and that can transport people in over 250 cities all over the world. The idea of this application came from two young men who wanted to give an answer to taxi’s problems in big cities. And today the company UberCab (called Uber now) has experienced very rapid growth and has initiated many changes in our contemporary society . But why Uber has become an indispensable player in the private transport market, despite all the problems related to its development? To answer this question we will see the advantages and disadvantages of the solution proposed by the company Uber. And then we will focus on different problems encountered during its development, and the solutions that can be found. The concept proposed by the US firm has many advantages that enable it to differentiate the offer proposed by taxis. The first advantage, which is the main asset of their service, is security. First, drivers are recruited…show more content…
The German state has nevertheless prohibited the use of UberPop to avoid probable outbursts, but there were not as many problems, strikes and government debates than in France. The advantage of all these changes is that the French taxis have now realized the faults they had and are trying to correct. They have, for example, begun to decrease costs of their licenses as well as lower prices. With these examples, it’s possible to say that in most cities where Uber is prohibited the problem is not the fact of bringing a new service offering. But to bring this offer to overfill, undermining the work of taxis that is the biggest problems. In fact, the cities where Uber has very strong growth are the cities where there are too few or too more taxis, or where the service is really

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