Population Health Status

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5) Health Status: This is defined as an individual's relative level of wellness and illness, taking into account the presence of physiological or biological dysfunction or functional impairment. Some persons with one or more chronic diseases perceive themselves as healthy, while some who are healthy with no evidence of disease perceive themselves as being ill. Significance: Health status demonstrates the presentation of health-related quality-of-life data in a clinically useful format. It shows the impact of public health intervention, priority or areas where intervention is mostly needed. Population health status help in shaping public health policy. Applications in the real world: A scientific study focusing on application in real life situation…show more content…
Many people in our hospital and the neighboring communities know the importance of diet and nutrition as a determinant of health. At least they have an idea on the food to buy, how to preserve the nutrient, how to cook it, what and how to eat; they also know that fruits and vegetables are good, even though they don’t consume enough for their health and for some, their overall nutrition is inappropriate for myriads reasons. Economic factors affect not only the type but also the quantity and quality of food available in homes of our clients. In addressing nutrition-related health needs, including controlling costs and improving health outcomes, and the demands of a changing population we carry out research and discussed about new practice roles and integration in health care…show more content…
Given the increasing incidence of overweight and obesity and the high health care costs associated with weight-related illnesses. Equip with the expertise, knowledge and skills, we effectively treat this complex condition. In Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital Edo Sate, dietitians are essential and integral members of multidisciplinary weight management teams; we work with patients to devise individual, realistic weight-loss targets in complex medical cases using evidence-based practice. We provide personalized, specific, age and culturally-appropriate advice, taking into account the whole patient, not solely dietary aspects, which result in a positive experience of

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