The Five People You Meet In Heaven Analysis

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"Introduction" The Five People You Meet in Heaven starts out by counting down the hours of EddiesEddies death. Eddie is an 83 year old man who is working at an amusement park called Ruby Pier. As usual Eddie is walking around to make sure everything is under control, nevertheless he notices one of the rides “Freddy’s Free Fall” has a cart dangling from the side. He tries to tell his coworker what to do, but instead the cart falls, he goes to save the little girl trapped inside. Although he saved her, he himself died. Eddie then goes to heaven where he met a man that he didn’t recognize. The strange man was called Blue Man, he tells Eddie why he is blue and explains that Eddie had caused him to die. The Blue Man also tells Eddie that he will meet 4 more people who will teach him a life lesson. "Author's Craft" The author included imagery and different tones and moods. According to the text, page 107, the author wrote "The little girl appeared to be Asian, maybe five or six years old, with a beautiful cinnamon complexion, hair the color of a dark plum, a small flat nose, full lips that spread joyfully over her gapped teeth, and the most arresting eyes, as black as a seal's hide, with a pinhead of white serving as a pupil". This was an example of imagery because it lets the reader picture what/who Eddie was looking at, while he was at…show more content…
The little girl who did this to Eddie her name was Tala. Although, Eddie has bad dreams when thinking of Tala, she has forgiven him. Back when Eddie was involved in the War, Eddie tried to save Tala from the burning fire and the smoke but before he could get to her. His commander shot him in the leg, causing Tala to die and the pain in his leg. The only reason the captain shot his leg was because he would die if he entered the fire. This makes me think Eddie isn't afraid

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