Persuasive Essay On Solar Energy

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From learning about energy sources, I have known that renewable energy produce less or no greenhouse gas or pollutants, which can reduce the damages done to the environment by consuming fossil fuel. I believed that uses of renewable energy could benefit the environment and people in the community, so I decided to focus on solar energy, a type of renewable energy that harness light and heat from the sun, as solar power does not contribute to greenhouse gas or emit pollutants. However there are both benefits and issues when we install solar panels, so I wonder if there are any solutions to these issues that allow solar power to be more widely use and does it worth investing in solar power as a main energy sources, therefore my research question is Should we invest heavily in solar power? Light and heat from the sun is harnessed into solar energy and converted into electricity using a range of different technologies. Using solar power to…show more content…
59 percent of the population in Africa has no access to electricity, estimated by the International Energy Agency, which might be caused by the expensive cost and the time required to build power grids for long distances between villages and cities. I think it is possible to increase access of solar power in Africa for people to power up their homes and it seems likely to succeed, as Africa have a high solar radiation, it can receive large amount of light. SunnyMoney, the largest seller of solar lights in Africa , had produced solar power to 6 million people. If we start from powering up the necessities in people homes such as lights and cooking, and other public facilities that people can share to use, it should be easier and it will take less amount of time to succeed than trying to power up all the appliances in peoples’ homes, because it will require less amount of

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