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There were social, economic and cultural influences on Oprah Winfrey which affected her lifetime achievements. Oprah as a young girl growing up was one of the more poor people in her town where she lived. (C. F.) But that didn’t stop her from doing anything. At the age of seven teen Oprah won the miss fire prevention contests in Nashville, Tennessee some called it ‘Ms Black Tennessee. That was the first of many successes for her. Then she caught the attention of a local African American radio station where she became a newsreader. By the age of nineteen she was on TV. About ten years later she had her own show “The Oprah Winfrey show”. (the oprah winfrey show) Oprah became the first African American Billionaire in the process. Due to the way Oprah was most of her achievements were…show more content…
He would be the major person who influenced her. He influenced Oprah to change the lives of South American girls. She was invited to Mandela’s home for a vacation sort of thing. Oprah was very intimidated by this. When she went to his home she realized where his living conditions weren’t very different from hers. She could relate to how these girls were living. When Oprah was younger she living with indoor plumbing, lived on a farm and basically helped her grandmother with everything. Oprah then decided that when she started making good money from her show she vowed to pay for African American kids who couldn’t afford colleges. Up to date she has shelled out over 400 million dollars towards educational causes this including more than 400 scholarships to these kids. Not only that but when she was at Mandela’s home town at the schools she pledged 10 million dollars towards schooling there. Not too long after that Nelson got a phone call from the minister of the board of education, remembering Oprah and said the school was built and friends of Oprah like Tina Turner, and Diane Sawyer went to go see the school and saw the campus and all the

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